Collin Morikawa Explains How He Lost $800,000 on One Golf Swing

On today's Pardon My Take... COLLIN MORIKAWA! The 2020 PGA Championship winner joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter today to discuss his height, Brooks vs. Bryson, Mike Silver, and much more. The guys also got into it regarding the time that Morikawa whiffed on a ball at The Memorial Tournament last month. What happens when this rare occurrence takes place? Well, nothing good. But all of the details are below:

Mr. Cat: Can we talk real quick about that shot you had at The Memorial? Because that was very relatable. You just missed the ball.

Collin Morikawa: Oh, yeah. I was trying to think which one, but, yeah. 

Mr. Cat: What's the ruling there? So, people don't know, Collin's at The Memorial, he was in the lead, or tied for the lead. The ball was deep in the rough, he swung, just didn't hit anything. How does that count as a shot? I don't understand that. 


Collin Morikawa: Because it's an attempt. 

Mr. Cat: But you could just be like, "Just kidding. Practice."

Collin Morikawa: No, it was a legit attempt, like, you know, off your face.

Mr. Cat: You need to start doing practices that look so much like attempts, they can't figure it out. 

Collin Morikawa: What's crazy is that I actually did that last year as well.

Mr. Cat: Really?

Collin Morikawa: Yeah, I did the exact same thing on the same hole. So, I've got issues there. You guys need to go there before the tournament and kind of walk around and make it a little...

Mr. Cat: It's deep, yeah, we got to go lay down. So, what do you do, like, that's really got to fuck you up.

Collin Morikawa: The club wanted to go in that water that was straight ahead. Everything was bad thoughts, but I mean what are you going to do? So, like I thought about it on the next shot, "Let's make sure I don't do this again."

Mr. Cat: You can't say, like, "Just a joke." Or, as you miss, you'd be like, "That was practice!"

Mr. Commenter: Well, because they can't get in your brain, right? If you just say, "That was a practice shot." 

Collin Morikawa: Yeah, but like, can you live with that?

Mr. Cat: Yeah.

Mr. Commenter: I could easily live with that. 

Mr. Cat: Yes, definitely. Saying that was practice...

Collin Morikawa: Knowing that the ball's there, you slid straight underneath the ball. Practice swings, you normally swing away from the golf ball. 

Mr. Cat: No, I like to get real nice and close to the ball when I do the practice. 

Mr. Commenter: You want to feel the exact type of grass that your club is going to be going through on the actual shot. So, the closer you get to the ball and your practice shot, the better you'll know.

Mr. Cat: I'll go one further. Sometimes, I hit the ball in my practice shots. That's still practice. If it goes in the woods, that was practice. 


Mr. Commenter: How much did that swing cost you? Do you ever do the math on that?

Collin Morikawa: What did it cost me? I mean, I lost in a playoff. I still was in a playoff. 

Mr. Cat: You want us to give you a cookie, or what?

Collin Morikawa: Probably $800,000.

Mr. Cat: Fuck.

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, I could absolutely live with that. How much is my integrity worth? It's a lot less than $800,000.

Well, Mr. Commenter just set a price on his integrity. What's the price for your? I'm a "follow the rules guy," so I'll back Collin here. But that is an extremely unfortunate situation.