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We're One Week Into The Substance Checks For Pitchers And Some Guys Really Need To Handle It Better

One week down of substance checks for the pitchers and honestly it wasn't that bad. The first few days we had some instances of pitchers not being thrilled with being looked at and checked. Obviously Max Scherzer and Sergio Romo are the two big ones that stand out as not happy with the checks and in Scherzer's case it's hard to not be upset at the situation. Mid-inning, third time checked, he's a bulldog on the mound and he just wants to pitch. Not have an umpires fingers run through his hair to look for substances. I get his frustration, but you have to handle it better than he did. Don't throw your glove at the umpire's feet, don't toss your hat, maybe be more like Shohei Ohtani and just give your glove and hat to the ump and smile. Think that'll help your strike zone with the umpire? Obviously some guys are fiercer competitors on the diamond and some guys are more laid back and that dictates how people will react to being checked, but for the most part it seemed like the pitchers didn't mind it too much. This stuff isn't going anywhere soon, so buckle up because it's going to keep happening.

Episode 252 focuses on the first week on the substance enforcement but theres also more stuff going on than guys getting frisked coming off the mound. We're also talking decreased spin rates in the game, big time decrease in spin rates. Wonder why that's happening? Polar Bear Pete Alonso is back in the Home Run Derby in Colorado and is ready to put on a show, one guy that won't be there hitting in the derby is Valddy Jr. Dallas tried to RAISSSSSSSE IT and gives us a nice Pirates rant. We get the guys reactions to the DISGUSTING All Star jerseys that were released this week and ohhhhh man are they bad. The cherry on top of this episode is the Royals Mt. Rushmore which is a damn good one. 

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