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The Pride Episode Of Token CEO

On today's episode of Token CEO, we wanted to highlight it being Pride month, so we invited 2 of Barstool's gay men, Kyle & Pat to join the pod. This one's hard to summarize, because we went EVERYWHERE with this conversation. From how they got their jobs here at Barstool, to identifying which Barstool employees would fit into each gay tribe (Dana Beers is definitely in the 'bear' tribe). Must listen if you want to hear about some gay dudes talking about their experience working here at Barstool.

After Kyle & Pat wrap up, Erika finally got to talk with Too Faced Cosmetics Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Jerrod Blandino, and this conversation was nothing but fabulous. We talked the importance of building a brand organically and being able to authentically connect with your consumers. He's also just overall very wise & had great advice for people on how they can feel comfortable being their true selves.

As always, Erika breaks down the top headlines of the week and we close out with the relevant topic of how to support your employees through hard times, this example being a breakup. And that's it! You can find everything Token related here: