David Wells Hates Umpires And Thinks You Should Be Able To Punch Them Because They're Ruining The Game Of Baseball

David Wells has never been shy about letting his feelings be known. No filter on Boomer and he'll tell you like it is. He'll let you know how hungover he was during his perfect game, and he'll also let you know how much he hates umpires and how he wants to punch them. He was always a little bit of a hot head so it isn't a surprise he wanted to knock one out a time or two. After the recent events in baseball it's hard to disagree with him. Glad to see Wells has held onto all that pent up anger towards umps since he retired. David Wells vs Joe West in the next Rough N' Rowdy?

Jared: "Which unwritten rule in baseball would you nix?"

David Wells: "Right now with the game going.....I mean...I hate umpires. I'd have to find something we could do away with with these umpires. I mean, they just....you know what we should do is you should be able to bump them and do whatever. Actually you should be able to punch one of them if you want. Because there are a couple guys I wanted to punch over time. But you know, with the umpires they ruin the game I think. They're right a majority of the time and theres some great umpires, don't get me wrong. But its those ones that are douchebags, we should have free will at them."

Episode 251 fresh out of the kitchen with the piping hot David Wells interview, you never know what this quote machine will say. Jared and Dallas also discuss the call up of the top prospect in baseball, Wander Franco. We've got some big MLB series coming up this week so those are broken down, and Dallas' man crush is gonna take some daddy hacks in the Derby. Shohei Ohtani is officially in the Home Run Derby and the boys are JUICED up. 251 is a good one folks. 

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