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Greg Olsen and George Kittle Debate Which School Is the “Official” Tight End University

On today's Pardon My Take... GREG OLSEN + GEORGE KITTLE! The tight end duo joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter to discuss this week's Tight End University event in Nashville, respecting the position, Tim Tebow, Greg's son's story, and much more.

A debate also began about which school has the best collection of tight ends. Is it Kittle's Iowa Hawkeyes or Olsen's Miami Hurricanes? The two state their case for their respective schools below:

Mr. Commenter: So, you guys have Tight End U, and we always love the debate whenever it comes up in college football. There was a debate last year of what "DBU" is, is it LSU or Texas? What would you say is the actual Tight End U? Is it Iowa?

George Kittle: Yeah, it's Iowa. I got Dallas Clark on my shirt right now for a reason, baby. That's tight. 

Greg Olsen: I ran into Dallas Clark at a concert a couple of years ago.

George Kittle: Did you? It's Iowa, though. 

Greg Olsen: I mean, come on. You're awesome. Dallas was awesome. 

George Kittle: I got Hockenson, I got Fant in the first round, never before done. So, within like the last 10 years...

Greg Olsen: Are we saying, like, NFL career, like, accomplishments, like what are we basing? Because, I mean, if you want to talk, I mean, Miami went five years, five tight ends in a row who were drafted in the first round, and the only guy who wasn't was drafted in the second round. 

Mr. Commenter: When was that? That was pretty recent, right?

Greg Olsen: So, going back to Miami lineage, right, you have Bubba Franks (first round), Shockey (first round), Kellen Winslow (first round), Kevin Everett (second round), me (first round). Since then, we've had Jimmy Graham, one of the most prolific guys of all-time. David Njoku, who was a first round pick, career still kind of developing, but he's come to the [TEU] camp, uber talented, kind of building his career up up in Cleveland. I mean, we've had dudes, now.

So, the facts are now out on the table. Which school has the more impressive list of tight ends - the Hawkeyes or the Hurricanes? That's for you to decide.