Justin Verlander Should Be Right In The Middle Of This Sticky Situation In Baseball But No One Is Talking About Him

Why is it that the big names mentioned in connection with the stick stuff and the spider tack and this whole situation are only Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer? If you've been paying attention and reading into some of the stuff going on you know that there is one HUGE name out there that is wrapped up in this and there hasn't even been a peep mentioned about him. Obviously there are a lot of pitchers using something, your favorite pitcher is using something, your most hated pitcher is using something, a lot of guys are doing it. But one name has been mentioned with the likes of Bauer and Cole and there hasn't been one thing mentioned about him. Maybe if you're hurt people just forget about you?

Jared: "Who's the guy that should be directly in people's crosshairs that nobody even, they don't even mention him, they don't even think about him. Who is it?"

Dallas: *shit eating grin on his face* "Well outta sight, outta mind."

Jared: "Yeah. This would be like if during the steroid era that everyone was like "Man FUCK Barry Bonds and FUCK Mark McGwire, those two cheating fucks. And everyone is like "wait wait wait, whoa whoa whoa, you're going to leave fucking Sammy Sosa off that list what?"

I know who it is, and you're a fan of the game you probably do too. But make sure you listen to Episode 250 to see if you can nail down who the other big name is. Jared and Dallas also talk about Tyler Glasnow's injury and what it means for the game, MLB's memo to the players about using substances, and the Mt. Rushmore for our brothers up North, the Blue Jays

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