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Steven Cheah Didn't Know How Girls Peed Until 8 Weeks Ago

On today's Token CEO, we're shouting out all the dads out there. 

Someone who has a parenting experience truly unlike many others is the one & only Marc D'Amelio. We were lucky enough to get the dad of TikTok on today's pod to talk all the things he's learned while, not only being a father, but a father to two of the most famous daughters on the internet. One of the most interesting parts about Marc + the whole D'Amelio family is that through the rise in fame they've all experienced is that they stay surprisingly normal. He talks in the interview about things he does with his family to stay connected to each other, the importance of validating your kids feelings, and much more.

Next up we've got the Barstool Dads, and we learned something about Steven Cheah that made us question EVERYTHING about him. This guy had a daughter 8 weeks ago and approximately EIGHT WEEKS AGO is when he learned how a girl pees. Brandon asking "have you ever seen a vagina?" actually is a valid question at this point. Large talks about why his daughter is is favorite kid between his 3, and Brandon Fucking Walker threatens to fight any 12 year old kids who are mean to his daughter at the middle school dance.

Bonus part of the episode is that we take a quick stop to talk about adulting with Glenny Balls, and why there's a trend of 25-35 year old men who just refuse to move out of their parents houses.


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