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It's Actually Incredible How Easily And Often Major League Baseball Fucks This Stuff Up

If you're a starting pitcher using substances to get a grip then I think you have every right to complain in the middle of June when you're already coming off a 60-game season. There's been enough volatility on pitchers arms the last 18 months and the last thing that would make sense would be adding more to it. Especially knowing the only reason we're getting this reaction is because of complaining on social media. You could argue the internet is the worst thing to ever happen to baseball. That would be a good argument. 

For now though let's stick with the Spider Tack stuff and build from there. It's actually impressive that MLB can fuck up this conversation so badly. You'd think this far into its history, the league would be smart enough to recognize the value of keeping players happy. That it's important to have good relations and be sensible. Basic common logic when you're talking about managing highly skilled, equally irreplaceable talent. Play some fucking ball and keep these guys feeling good about the sport. I'm talking THE SPORT. 

Then you saw the reactions with the Houston Astros. You've seen reactions to service time and unwritten rule suspensions. And now you're seeing a uniform revolt from pitchers across baseball that the league is just so dumb. Like sincerely, truly, honestly stupid. Bud Selig would never address a scandal so quickly and publicly. He'd burry it and blame it on some AAA guy with a drug problem you've never heard of. That was good old fashioned PR. 

This stuff today? Crazy to me. Crazy to everyone on Red Line Radio this week. Mix in the suspicions with the balls and free agency? Could be some big time drama coming. Fortunately I have a late of faith Rob Manfred can handle it. We've always been close friends. 

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