Jay Cutler Is a Secret Weapon When It Comes to the Wildcat Formation

On today's Pardon My Take... JAY CUTLER! The recurring guest of the show joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter to discuss Father's Day (this Sunday, get your dad a gift!), his favorite throw of his career, favorite interception, pool games in the Bahamas, and much more. If you recall, Cutler played a season for the Miami Dolphins back in 2017 after initially retiring to become a FOX broadcaster. During that lone season, he once lined up in the Wildcat formation near the sideline. He explained what that experience was like on today's show:

Mr. Commenter: I was doing some research on your stats here, Jay, you never caught a receiving touchdown?

Jay Cutler: No, it literally bothers me. 

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, that's tough. Did you ever lobby to get yourself put in?

Jay Cutler: All the time, all the time. I was like, "Someone, can we not have a fake play, can we... something. Give me something." Yeah, never did. It's a shame, really.

Mr. Cat: Well, you did get that chance to be a receiver with the Dolphins and you just gave no fuck. Like you were just standing out there with your hands on your hips.

Jay Cutler: I mean, I'm not doing anything. They said, "Hey, just take a step back. That's what you need to do." I was like, "OK, fine."

Mr. Commenter: And you certainly took a step back. you were like, "Yeah, I can do that. I'll do that, I won't even lift my hands up."

Jay Cutler: Yeah, I'll nail that role. Watch this. 

Mr. Commenter: Do you think maybe after that experience, that would have been the perfect time to throw you a pass?

Jay Cutler: Yeah, run it again in the fourth quarter, but this time, boom. 

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, after there's a little but of film of Jay literally looking like he wants to bury himself underneath the turf instead of playing wide receiver. Maybe next time just have him pretend to do that and then run a go route.

Jay Cutler: Well, here's my thing with the wildcat situation like that. Just put somebody else in the game then. At least make it legitimate, like put somebody you want out there. Why are people putting their quarterback out at receiver?

Mr. Cat: Yeah, no, that makes sense. You literally have your hands on your hips, though. 

Jay Cutler: Yeah, well, it's 11 on 10. I wouldn't even send the corner out if I was there. I'd be like, "This isn't happening."

The secret weapon of the Wildcat himself has spoken. It's a shame they didn't try this one again, because the defense certainly wouldn't have been expecting it if the Dolphins did indeed give Jay the ball. We will never know.