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Here's What Happens When You Stop Acting Like Childish Idiots

Two years ago if you would have told either one of us that we would end up on the cover of a podcast we were doing together, there is zero shot we would've believed you. No, Kayce and I never hated each other and I would certainly never use the term "frenemies" because, first of all, that word only works is when it's coming out of a 13-year-old girl's mouth because she's 13, and secondly, because being frenemies requires effort. Kayce and I never pretended to be friends nor did we attempt to make each other's lives miserable, we just didn't bother with one another. We exchanged pleasantries (something a 13-year-old would never say) when common interests popped up, but that was the extent of it. 

But of course you can't be two women with similar job titles and just be cordial because the outside world only reserves that sentiment for men. Women have to pick a side: you're either annoyingly BFFs with your female "competition," or you hate each other. So without knowing it, we made our choice. 

For 2.5 years an unspoken tension lingered between us until we both decided to cut the shit and get over ourselves during quarantine. It may have taken the world coming to a complete stop for us to get there, but once we decided to stop acting like childish idiots, the similarities trumped all the other nonsense and a year later here we are: two unmarried (by choice), childless, 30-somethings in New York City talking honestly about their fuck ups and triumphs. 

Oh and to all the Barstool haters who have always talked shit about us and the company we work for, but have never asked us how what it's actually like to be a woman at Barstool Sports, we've haven't forgotten about you… 


So here we go… the first episode of Loud & Complicit. Subscribe, rate, and listen!