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Why You Should Never Get In A Fight In A Foreign Country

Our foreign correspondent, Wonton Don, found some time between traveling the country to join the Token CEO pod. Like almost every other Barstool employee, his story on how he got to Barstool is very much non-tradition. He's a guy from Boston, graduated college and moved to China, bounced around jobs, worked full-time as a teacher, and then spent his free time traveling around China, making content, and teaching himself the ins & outs of video editing. Dave saw some of his content, called Erika and said, "hey, this guy really funny. I think we should hire him." And here we are.

Donnie arguably makes some of the best, most interesting content at Barstool and on today's episode he talks all the work he put in to get here. Plus the story of the time drank a shit ton of Long Island iced teas and woke up in China. PLUS why he wears sunglasses all the time. PLUS getting in fights in a foreign country & why he would advise against it.

We covered a lot on the episode. Listen to it here: