Facebook Is Actually Just the Continuation of a Government Data Collection Program

If you've used Facebook today, you actually just used a rebranded government spying program known as LifeLog. I had not previously heard about this definitely true conspiracy theory until yesterday, but Coley wrote a blog about it two years ago and the coincidences are simply too plentiful.


We get into all of it on the show, but this is probably the closest we've come on Macrodosing to a conspiracy that's objectively true. You simply can't see that Facebook started on the exact same date DARPA ended its LifeLog program and believe that's some sort of crazy coincidence. If the federal government has proven anything in the last 20 years, it's that it has an affinity for collecting information on its citizens.

Additionally, this helps to explain why Mark Zuckerberg is a robot who seems to be spitting out whatever he's programmed to say at any given moment. He's actually just an NSA operative lurking in the shadows and operating the government's spy program under the guise of being a dopey billionaire who doesn't know how to properly apply sunscreen.

And we also had tech issues that caused this two-hour show to take three and a half hours to record. Did Big Tech not want this episode being released? You tell me.

Go listen to this week's show and then delete your Facebook account.