Jacob deGrom Is Really Really Really Ridiculously Good At Baseball


At this point how much more can you say about Jacob deGrom? Apparently A TON because we had to jump on for a bonus episode this week just to break down his truly insane numbers. Every time you think you've seen it all, Jake goes out there and tops himself. This isn't just Mount Rushmore of Mets stuff anymore, this is Mount Rushmore of Major League Baseball. Bob Gibson dominated the league to the point where they had to lower the mound and through nine starts deGoat has better numbers.

Not only is he dominating, he's putting up video game numbers while doing it. 100+ MPH fastballs, murderball sliders, obliterating lineups the third time through the order, Jake can do it all. The craziest part? Jake doesn't even have to be a one man wrecking crew this year. He's actually got a cast of teammates that can make some noise too! Stro is dealin' Walker is cruising and the BenchMob ain't nothing to fuck with. Look no further than the Padres series to see that these guys can bang with the big boys. 

You've got the face of baseball and the only rotation that can stack up against our own versus a bunch of backups and we STILL SPLIT THE SERIES. Some teams just have that X-Factor for winning and it's pretty clear that it's here. Not only do they have it, but it's making Kevin feel like I might have short changed the team with my 96 win prediction! It's not every day that KFC shows this much positivity so you better get on the bandwagon now while there's still room because you gotta believe.