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Travis Barker Liked This Shady Comment About Scott Disick’s New Girlfriend Amelia Gray

Well that explains all we need to know right there. If you need a quick recap, Travis Barker is dating Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick (who is Kourtney’s ex and also baby daddy to three kids) is dating 19 year old Amelia Gray. The four of them went out to dinner the other night which is awkward no matter how old Amelia is. Having to go to dinner with two ex’s because kids are involved is never going to be smooth sailing from the jump. I’d imagine Travis Barker and Kourtney and even Scott are mature enough to handle it, but maybe Amelia isn’t therefore we have Travis liking this shady comment. Everyone saw this and thought “that must be awkward as hell!” and Travis all but confirmed it for us.

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