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The Yankees Have To Be The Worst Base Running Team In History

Adam Hunger. Getty Images.

In what has become customary with the Yankees 2021 season so far, this team was unable to finish off a series the right way this week. Yesterday they settled for a split of their 4 game set with Tampa. Now after Monday's loss you happily take a split with the hottest team in the whole sport, but damn with Cole on the mound that leaves a sour taste in your mouth. 

Obviously the biggest issue the whole season has been hitting and knocking in runners when they're on base, but something that continues to break my brain is the base running. The Yankees lead the league in outs on the base paths with 28. The next closest are the Cubs with 22. The Padres have only made 7 of those mistakes. League average sits around 15. TWENTY EIGHT!! Here's our full rant on their incompetence from today's show. 


On Wednesday they had 1st and 2nd 1 out and the Rays escaped the inning without the batter making an out. Never seen anything like it. You know who that falls on? The fucking coaching. The manager, Aaron Boone. The fundamentals with this team are a joke and it's going to fuck them as the games get bigger down the stretch. Fuck me man clean it up before I blow my brains out. 

I thought about making this blog all about the blindo bozo buffoon behind home plate today, but credit to me I'm saving it for second. Motherfucker has never seen a side arm pitcher before that fucking loser. You should be suspended for this shit. Criminal. Lock him up. 

Cole wasn't sharp on Thursday, but Clint Frazier struck out looking at the plate in an at bat where a single strike wasn't thrown to him. 2nd and 3rd 1 out and his at bat was practically taken away from him. Boone just sat there too. Didn't get ejected until it was 9-2. Thanks pal, you're the man. 

Red Sox coming to town now for the first time all year. Let's fucking go.