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Bari Weiss Doesn't Give A Shit What You Think About Her

Today on the pod we've got the one & only Bari Weiss. If you don't know who that is, Weiss was hired by the New York Times in an effort to broaden the ideological range of its opinion staff after the inauguration of President Trump. After a few years, she famously announced her departure from The New York Times on July 14th, 2020, publishing a resignation letter on her website criticizing the Times for capitulating to criticism on Twitter and for not supporting her when she was bullied by colleagues. To put it simply, Bari Weiss is a badass who speaks her mind. She believes that people don't want to be divided and that the lack of a middle ground in the media is a VERY concerning future for journalism.

Bari is one of the sharpest, most blunt, most practical people in media. She raises big questions about the media eco-chambers we live in and she ditched her experience in a vicious newsroom to create a media empire of her own. This is media today. Great episode & you can listen to it here: