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Bryson DeChambeau Fired Off One Of The Worst Tweets Ever The Other Day

Bad. Really bad. No good from Bryson. Bryson DeChambeau is very good at golf and not very good at social media. Brooks Koepka is very good at golf and also very good at social media, or at least much better than Bryson. Less is more for Bryson on the bird. Throw a punch, let everyone know you're involved and willing to be involved and get the hell outta there. Bryson is simply not equipped with whatever it takes to win a Twitter beef. The second he hit somebody up and said, "Hey can you photoshop a deflated ball in Tom Brady's hand for me?" he lost. The more time Bryson spends on Twitter the more likely he is to get exposed. 

We talk about the latest on Brooks vs Bryson, Frankie's first member guest, snakes and much more. Enjoy.


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