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Mets Fans Owe Ray Ramirez A Biiiiiiig Ol' Apology

Dear Ray,

Hey, it's Clem. You may not know me but I was one of the millions of Mets fans who blamed you for the absolutely outrageous amount of injuries the franchise suffered this century. However, as the Amazins slowly approach a full 25 man roster on the IL this season, I realize it may not have been your fault. Perhaps it was the curse that has been on this team since pretty much the day it was born along with the fuccboi in the owner's box that meddled in way too many decisions instead of the guy with Trainer on his business card.

Which is why I want to say that I am sorry Ray Ramirez. I am sorry for calling you Dr. Death. I am sorry for booing you on Opening Day. I am sorry for cursing your name on Twitter every time a Met went down. I am sorry for saying you are a real life version of Dr. Nick from The Simpsons.

As a smut blogger locked firmly in the lower middle class, I don't really have much to offer you outside of an apology and a standing offer to nut tap me because of my mean words. However all I can do is say I fucked up and offer to ask every Mets fan to tweet #IAmSorryRayRamirez as a way to right our wrongs.

Plus the entire plot of Field Of Dreams is based on easing the pain of someone, so maybe if we ease your pain of being an infamous Mets villain, maybe the Baseball Gods will cool it by injuring all of our players? Seems like a fair trade off to me.

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