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Is there anything that Rone CAN'T do?

I don't think there's anyone at Barstool who has quite the range that Rone (Adam Ferrone) has. Podcaster, video host, battle rapper, soda review producer, pop punk singer, and overall good dude. Rone is one of the people that you just can't not love. Philly guy through & through, and found his way to Barstool by wanting to be a sports mascot, to battle rapping throughout college, studying journalism & theater, writing for the school newspaper, cutting steaks to make a living, doing improv, and then finally landing a gig to make a living doing all the things he wanted to from the start. 

Rone is also perfect example of working hard to get to where you want to be. He’s also pretty much the blueprint for media talent in 2021. He's good at what he does, isn't afraid to try anything new, and jumps at the chance to collaborate with other creators here at Barstool. 

The more diversity of thought and representation of ideas, the better off Barstool is going to be. I crave like creative freedom. I want to be able to create and make things and do whatever I want. And I'm industrialize to do that. I have the option to make stuff if I want to, like I have the option to suggest stuff to people or to pair up with people or to collaborate with different people. I think collaboration is the lifeblood of new ideas. And that's where you grow as a content creator.

Listen to the full episode with Rone here: