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Fictional Bar/Restaurant/Stores That We Wish Existed in Real Life

On the podcast today Ria asked the question, "If you could pick any fictional bar/restaurant/store to be actually real what would it be?"

Immediately our brains went to our favorite Disney shows...The Chill Grill from That's So Raven, The Tipton in Suite Life...and of course the classics. The Krusty Krab. Central Perk. Monk's Cafe. I'm sure everyone also immediately thinks of Bada Bing in The Sopranos.

MUSTS for me are Tric from One Tree Hill and Luke's Diner from Gilmore Girls.

We also posed the question on Instagram and got a lot of great answers: 

Chubbies- Boy Meets World 

Paddy's Pub- Always Sunny 

Bob's Burgers

The Shore Shack- Rocket Power 

Jackson and Rico's Cheese Jerky Stand- Hannah Montana (this one just made me laugh because I immediately started singing the song) 

Rose Apothecary- Schitt's Creek

Karen's Cafe- One Tree Hill 

The Garrison Pub- Peaky Blinders 

Satriale's- The Sopranos 

Groovy Smoothie- ICarly 

Joe's Bar- Grey's Anatomy 

Pops- Riverdale

JJ's Diner- Parks and Rec

The Max- Saved By The Bell 

Special shoutout to the comment saying the bakery that Meryl Streep owns in It's Complicated. It's impossible to not watch that movie and not wish that place was real (along with her dreamy house). 

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