Kwame Brown Has Finally Had Enough And Just Burned The WHOLE Building Down

We got some old school NBA beef on our hands between Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, on one hand, and Kwame Brown on the other. 

For those who don’t know, Kwame was the first #1 overall draft pick taken straight out of high school. And he’s widely considered one of the biggest busts in NBA history (his YouTube channel is actually called BUST LIFE). There are TONS of rumors about him, including how Michael Jordan basically broke his spirit to the point he couldn’t play home games for fear of getting booed. 

So his former Wizards teammate Agent Zero brought all this up again on the All The Smoke podcast hosted by Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, and he basically repeated pretty much all the same things that have been said about Kwame in the past. 

Only difference? This time, Kwame didn’t remain silent. And boy was he PISSED.

I mean, PISSED OFF. And let me tell you, I don’t think ANYONE wants a problem with an angry Kwame Brown.

Kwame took to IG and YouTube and went absolutely scorched earth. He covered everything… he started bragging about how he set such good screens in Kobe’s 81 point game (line of the night: “between the two of us we had 82 points”) and how the world wanted Kobe to score and then COOKED him for not playing better, to what it was like to play with a ball hog like Agent Zero, to how Gilbert repeating rumors about him cost him MILLIONS. He was in line to get Tyson Chandler money (4 years, $52 million) but got much less (3 years $25 million). 

And he blames Gilbert for that. 

What do I mean by scorched earth? 

I mean, he called Matt Barnes Becky with the Good Hair with the Finger Wave who got his girlfriend stolen from him. She chose!!! Then that maniacal laugh. He called Stephen Jackson a Fake Ass Gangster in sagging pants who all he does is smoke blunts. And he called Agent Zero a coward and then said, “I WANT ALL THE SMOKE!” 

Uhm … this is one intimidating dude. And guess what? Turns out no one wants real beef with Kwame Brown. 

Stephen Jackson responded by literally saying, “I don’t want any smoke,” which is kind of funny considering his podcast is called ALL THE SMOKE. Then he proceeded to say, yeah, not having you on the pod. 

And I mean, Kwame Brown let all of the anger and frustration he’d held in for TWO DECADES out all at once, and it was fucking beautiful. This right here is straight up FACTS:

Dude made it so his momma never had to work again AT AGE 18. And he’s like, I’m a bust? Everyone should be so lucky.

Was he a great player? Absolutely not. Was his career ruined by Michael Jordan? Probably. I mean, he was a 19 year old kid. But guess what? He made $64 million in his career on salary alone. 

 “I put my momma on a Golf course at 18!” should be on a t-shirt. 

And that’s facts. My lord, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson better think twice before using the term bust within three states of Kwame from now on. He gave a four minute live stream from his car and it was maybe the most menacing thing you’re going to see all day. 

And also… I think I might love Kwame Brown now. A beaten dog that just says ENOUGH. I’m tired of this shit. An ultimate THIS LEAGUE moment right before the start of the playoffs

Here’s a SEVEN MINUTE CLIP of Kwame going OFF.

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