Jaylen Brown’s Wrist Injury Just Gave Danny Ainge Another Year of Excuses

Excuses, excuses, excuses, and now Jaylen Brown is another excuse in Danny Ainge’s quiver.

We now have another reason to say, What If? What if Jason Tatum didn’t get COVID? What if Marcus Smart was healthy all year? What if Gordon Hayward had re-signed?

I got a "What If for you". What if Danny Ainge was a competent GM?

Because I think Snake Oil Salesman Danny Ainge is keeping you from being a real contender. 

NO ONE should have 3 current and former All-Stars on your team and be this bad. They just lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that is actively trying to tank. 

But now, because Jaylen won’t be ready to play for six months? You not only have an excuse for why you’re going to flame out of the playoffs, you now have an excuse for why the Celtics won’t be good next year, too. 

Play the greatest hits, Danny. They’re young. Plenty of time to develop. Wait until they’re in their prime.

Wrong. That is not acceptable. 

What Danny needed to do was surround the Two Js with another defender on the perimeter and a rim protector. If only there was a trade available that would have done that.

Oh wait …

Shams went on Sirius NBA Radio this week and reminded people that Danny Ainge turned down Dougie Buckets AND Myles Turner for Gordon Hayward before the season.

And then exactly two days later, Hayward bounced. Ainge got virtually nothing in return. 

That is a fireable offense.

How big would have those players have been on this Boston roster?  

Doug McDermott is a bucket. He shot 44% from three last year and is putting up 13/3/1 on one of the most stacked offenses in the league in Indiana. 

Boston’s other big problem? They have VERY little rim protection and big man Myles Turner is a monster around the rim. Daniel Theis, Robert Williams, Tristan Thompson, Kornett, Tacko Fall… none of these have been the answer. 

41 times the Celtics have gone down by 10 or more points. That, folks, is a team that can’t stop a run. 

So the failure to get anything of value from Gordon Hayward has to be the tipping point. Add that in with the way this season has gone? 

Sound the alarms… This is bad. 

And it happened because of pure greed. Gordon Hayward signed with Charlotte because he did not trust Ainge to get a deal done with Indy. This just proves, once everyone knows you’re greedy, no one will ever want to deal with you. And so when crunch time came this year at the trade deadline, nobody wanted to trade with Ainge at all, except Orlando who was cleaning house and had already traded their #1 and #2 options (both players that would have fit the Celtics much better than Fournier). 

How do you go from being seen as one of the best GMs in the league, to being so widely criticized? I think he let the good press get to his head. He was hailed as a genius so long, he started to think he actually was, and now you’re left with a GM other teams are actively avoiding looking to make deals with. 

For a very long time, the world has known that Danny Ainge’s entire intention is to fuck you over… and then rub your nose in it with how smart he was. But he’s going to have a hard time doing it again now that the word is out. 

So now, you have a broken Jaylen Brown who will be difficult to trade for value (if that was your plan this offseason) a wonky roster and staring at a play-in game you might not even win. 

There is a real possibility this team doesn’t even make the first round. The Celtics have lost 5 times to the 4 worst teams in the NBA. 

Plain and simple: This team is not good. 

There should be riots in Boston right now over this, but Celtics fans continue to make excuses for him.

It’s time for that to end. 

It’s time for the great Snake Oil Salesman to be retired, and to bring in someone who can overhaul a roster that everyone except Celtics fans knows needs to be rebuilt.

But knowing Danny, and knowing the Celtics fan base, Brown’s injury will buy him another year of this roster underperforming.

And now they won’t even have Jaylen Brown to offer up in a blockbuster trade.

We talked more about this on today's episode of THIS LEAGUE along with the most underrated team come play-in time and much more. If you'd rather watch on YouTube, link is here.