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Largie Does Dallas


On this week's Podfathers, the Big Fella returns home from Big D after fucking around and falling in love with a Mexican boxer, who also fell in love with him.

Large tells a whole bunch of stories and outstanding content from the boxing bubble of the Canelo fight while being away from his beautiful bride for the longest time in their lives. I am a casual boxing fan at best, but everything Large and Robbie did down in Dallas got me stoked for a match that definitely was living up to the hype until Canelo broke his opponent's face.

Viva La Motherfucking Stool!

Also on the pod we discuss: 

- A recap of Mother's Day 

- Andrew Wiggins telling his girlfriend to delay being induced because of a regular season game against the fucking Wizards 

- A 4 year old that bought 918 Spongebob ice pops with his mom's credit card 

- When is the best time to play Shout at your wedding

- The Big 3 of shirts that dads wear 

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