Myth Busted: Whitey Bulger Did Not See The Bruins Win The Stanley Cup In Person

On today's Spittin' Chiclets, Chris Nilan joined us to talk about his 13 NHL seasons, winning a Stanley Cup, and guys ripping darts between periods. Knuckles is an absolute beauty and this interview was a long-time coming. Nothing is off limits and he's blunt as hell (i.e. the perfect interview). If you've ever seen the doc THE LAST GLADIATORS, then you know how much of a survivor Nilan is as well (not streaming anywhere right now unfortunately).

We also touched on a guy who was essentially Nilan's father-in-law for a period in his life, Whitey Bulger (I like how he points out that "I didn't fuckin' marry him---I married Karen"). For the last several years, there was a rumor that Bulger trekked up to Vancouver a decade ago with one of his many illegal passports to watch the Bruins win their first Stanley Cup in 39 years. I don't know if a ticket stub was found at his hideout or whatever it was. Fucking feds probably started it. 

Either way, it never happened. The infamous gangster did not risk his freedom (twice) to see Zdeno Chara scream like a banshee after he accepted the Cup from Bettman, though he could have at least held his head high if he got caught that way. More embarrassingly, Bulger was ultimately done in by his love of...cats.

Whit also had a follow-up to his Twitter rant after the Tom Wilson/Rangers shit last week...

We talked about all of that shit, Torts & Tocchet, Jack in Buffalo, Ben & J-Lo (shoutout Biz), TENET, me and Large in Ireland, and a shitload more.

Give it a whirl.