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Bitcoin Is the Past. We're Taking CumRocket to the Moon Now

On this week's cryptocurrency episode of Macrodosing, obviously all eyes were on the belle of the ball, Bitcoin. But that ship has sailed. Everybody and their mother knows about Bitcoin now. We're onto CumRocket in 2021.

In guessing whether ridiculous names of cryptocurrencies were real or fake, I was awakened to the amazing investment opportunity that awaits us all with CumRocket.* This bad boy is about to rip. You can get in on CumRocket at the unbelievable price of $0.16 per CUMMIE right now.

Even after our discussion with Anthony Pompliano, I still have a few questions and a healthy skepticism of crypto. But I'm not going to let that stop me from being the owner of 1,000 CUMMIES. If the internet can take Dogecoin to $1, then there's no telling where we can take CumRocket. We'll shoot right past the damn moon.

As I said in that clip, CumRocket is the current investment equivalent of Amazon in 2001. Let that sink in.

So after you purchase your CUMMIES, go listen to this week's full episode for a great discussion about all things cryptocurrency and what the future holds.

*I am very obviously not a financial advisor.