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The Widower: Episode Six of The Case is Here

Jennifer L. Fay disappeared from Brockton, MA, in November of 1989. In November of 2020, Kirk Minihane learned about her and decided to investigate her story as part of Barstool Sports' first ever true crime podcast. 

Minihane's investigation into what really happened to Jennifer eventually led him to Walhalla, South Carolina. He was searching for Kevin W. Maler, a man who lived in Brockton at the time Jennifer disappeared. Witnesses told Minihane that Maler was doing cocaine with Jennifer the night she went missing and that she was seen getting into his truck.

When Minihane caught up with Maler in South Carolina, he soon learned that several other people in Maler's orbit had either gone missing or died under mysterious circumstances. Shortly after he began releasing episodes of this podcast, Oconee County Sheriff Mike Crenshaw publicly named Maler as a person of interest in the disappearance of Faith Roach, the 27-year-old best friend of one of Maler's ex-girlfriends. Crenshaw continues to investigate the suspicious deaths of Kevin K. Craig and April Norton Jones, both of which were friends of Maler's and fellow drug users. (You can learn more about Roach in Episode Two of the case and more about Kevin and April in Episode Four.)

In his interviews with Minihane, Maler has denied any wrongdoing with regard to Jennifer, Faith, Kevin, and April. He has always insisted that he is not violent towards women, that he's a protector of women.

In Episode Six, published today, Minihane interviews several women Maler has had romantic relationships with over the last four decades.

They tell a different story. These women tell a story about a serial abuser, a violent deceiver, and a predator.

In 2010, Maler was interrogated by private investigators for more than two hours regarding the disappearance of Jennifer Fay. We have obtained a video recording of that interrogation and have made it public for the very first time. 

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