The Yankees Signing Albert Pujols Would Be A Horrible Move. But I Still Kind Of Want It To Happen

The Angels released Albert Pujols yesterday, and since that was announced, I have not stopped thinking about Albert Pujols being a New York Yankee.

Listen, I know it's a horrible idea. Albert Pujols is everything the Yankees do not need. He's a right-handed power hitter who only hits home runs and bats below .200. Here are his numbers for the year.  

Just horrible numbers. Now 41 years old, he's obviously a shell of the guy he once was. 

On top of him just not being a good baseball player anymore, the Yankees have basically zero use for him. You can argue he would have been useful in the first month of the season to play first base while Voit was out. Jay Bruce and Mike Ford have given the Yankees nothing offensively. But Voit will likely return next week, meaning Pujols would just clog up a bench spot. 

So again let me very clear, the Yankees signing Albert Pujols would be a bad idea. I realize that. Hell, I'd argue it would actually be a net negative that would make the team worse. He'd likely contribute a negative WAR. 

And yet …. I can't stop thinking about it. 

It's impossible to train my brain to learn that Albert Pujols isn't the perennial All-Star and MVP he once was. When I was a kid first becoming obsessed with baseball, Albert Pujols was THE guy. I mean look at his Baseball Reference page from back in the day.

Look at all those bold numbers. Just disgusting. 

So while he might be a bad baseball now, my brain just cannot forget those numbers. And the idea of Albert Pujols wearing pinstripes will always make it move just a liiiitle bit. 

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