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Apologies To The Haters, But It Appears The Demise Of The 2021 New York Mets Has Been Greatly Exaggerated


Happy Friday folks! April wasn't exactly a breeze, but as we sit here at the end of the first week of May, the New York Metropolitans are in 2nd place of their division. It may have come after countless mind numbing games where hundreds if not thousands of runners were left in scoring position, which resulted in the hitting department of the team getting turned upside down following the arrival of an imaginary approach coach named Donnie Steveonson along with a hitting coach named Hugh Quattlebaum that may not be real (Yes, I can't believe I wrote that fucking sentence either). 

Yet here we are. One game out of first behind the team that Mets just took 2 out of 3 against before splitting a series with the Cardinals that easily could've gone either way. Like extreeeeeeemely easily because the Cards straight up gave the Mets yesterday's win. But I'm not gonna feel bad about that because the Mets have been on the other side of those games more than I can count, ESPECIALLY to those asshole Cardinals, while Francisco Lindor is currently on a 1 At Bat hitting streak. And before anyone mentions just how shitty the division has been, let me just remind you that the division isn't changing. All the teams with all their flaws will be the exact same, save for some of their stars coming back healthy or some trades being made. But the Mets also have reinforcements coming in Noah Syndergaard, Seth Lugo, and allegedly Carlos Carrasco.

So as usual, your pal Clem is telling you on Friday to chill out like the blue mountains of a frosty Coors Light, ignore the injuries that have us feeling like Dr. Doom Ray Ramirez is back in town, and get ready for this team to start looking like a 96 win team again! #96ers

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It's a lot to keep track of when the Mets are constantly riding highs and lows, but we gotta believe that cooler heads will prevail. deGrom will take the extra time he needs to get healthy, Frankie Lindor will eventually learn how to swing that thing called a bat and the rest of the squad will assume the roles they were meant to play. 

Don't let a shaky start out of the gate sway you into thinking this team isn't good. They are exactly who we thought they were, now they just have to show it.

#LFGM #WeGottaBelieve