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What's the Best Lesson Your Mom Has Ever Taught You? Ft. Barstool Kate

It's the Mother's Day episode of Token CEO, and who better to join us for it than Barstool's beloved blogger + new mom, Kate!?

For anyone who doesn't know Kate, she is a military veteran, she is the co-host of ZBT, and she's one of the most beloved people at Barstool. She is going through a whole ton of life changes. She's just had a baby and she's just moved in with her boyfriend, Pat. 

This episode is a real heart-warmer. We talk to Kate about everything you feel & experience when you become a new mom, what she's done on her maternity leave (even though she's still working), the FOMO & feelings of learning to prioritize, missing the office + everyone in it, but being the happiest she's ever been, and much more.

In this interview, we began thinking, what is the best lesson you've ever learned from your mom, or mom figure has ever taught you? I'm sure Kate wouldn't mind some tips.

Listen to or watch the episode here: