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Does What You Go To College For Actually Matter?

Today's episode of Token CEO is a little bit different. We've got 3 college seniors joining the show to talk about wtf they do now that they're graduating. These 3 come from all different paths - a med student, a marketing student, and a pre-law student, but the one thing they all have in common is that they spent time in college being a Barstool Campus Viceroy. 

In this episode, they talk about what it's like to graduate in a pandemic and what it's like trying to navigate post-grad life. Questions we hit on:

- What type of leadership style makes for a good leader?

- How important is making goals for yourself?

- Does your major actually matter?

- How to overcome gender adversity in typically male-dominated roles?

- Is there actually gender adversity in these roles or is it something females just lean into?

- Parlaying soft skills you learned in college to become hard skills you can use to land you a job

- Becoming a Barstool Sports viceroy + the benefits of the program + getting a foot in the door with Barstool

+ A lot more

Watch or listen to the episode HERE and don't forget! Tomorrow we are running the Nardini Run Club Cinco De Mayo 5K! Run a 5K then celebrate by drinking. Sounds good to us. Sign up here: