All Things Considered, We're Probably Living in a Simulation

On this week's Macrodosing, we discussed every question we've ever had about artificial intelligence. We brought on Quigs, Barstool's resident meme master with an aerospace engineering degree and far more knowledge of computers and technology than any of us.

The most interesting part of the pod to me was our discussion of the possibility that we're living in some sort of simulation. I still don't believe it, but I find it less incredulous than when we started recording.

As I understand Quigs, the thinking is that understanding the level to which we can create technological simulations, it is likely that we are actually a simulation ourselves. He does a far better job explaining it on the show than I can, but I came to understand the argument.

So if we're living in a simulation, then that pretty much throws any argument of free will out the window. Also, what's the point of following any societal rules if we're just computer programs for some alien overlord?

But my biggest question is, what happens if we finally break the system and beat the simulation like in Black Mirror?

It stands to reason to me that if someone or something created the simulation we're living in, then someone or something can destroy it. But until we figure out how to do that, I guess we're just going to have to keep going throughout our days wondering whether or not we're even real.

We get into way more on the episode, so be sure to check it out and draw your own conclusions about AI and what we're going to do if the computers take over.