Blake Lively Made The Best Decision Of Her Life This Weekend

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the undisputed greatest married couple left on Planet Earth. I simply say fuck you if you disagree. God forbid they ever part ways love will officially be dead with no possibility of return. Shame on me for even typing those words because it's not happening. Anyways, the two ventured to The Bronx Friday night to enjoy some Gerrit Cole and Yankees baseball. Their appearance sparked what could very well be viewed the turning point of the entire season (it also could just be because the Tigers are putrid but forget that for a sec will ya). The Bronx Bombers awoke Friday night to the tune of 10 runs behind Cole's 12 strikeout dominance. Clint Frazier decided to reward the couple's heroics by gifting them a signed hat! 

Fucking Clint Frazier getting the IG and Twitter shout outs from Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. What a world. It's been a rough go for our boy to start the season, but the confidence from that kind of clout shout out should point him in the right direction. Tough love for Aaron Judge, who smacked two homers including a grand slam. and Gerrit Cole who baffled the Tigers all night. Nothing on social media from them besides my idiotic tweets. Fucking Clint thinking on his feet. Well done. 

We talked about Blake Lively motivating the team along with all that went into the 3 game sweep of the Tigers on today's episode of The Short Porch. Give her a listen. The podcast, not Blake Lively...well listen to her too if she speaks. She'll always be my number one love.