All The Mets Need To Do To Wake Up The Bats Is Some Good Old Fashioned Bullying


I am starting to get the feeling that Chili Davis is going to be here for the entire season and even if he isn't, getting rid of your hitting coach is sometimes like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. But SOMETHING needs to be done with this offense. I know this season is only a month old and blah blah balhhhhhh. But this type of nonsense has been going on since last year when the Mets had the best batting average in baseball yet were middle of the pack in runs scored and Jacob deGrom has been getting proverbially buttfucked by his teammates for more than three years.

The answer to all this? Bullying of course! I'm not promoting bullying in the common form since merely mentioning the B word will get you cancelled in 2021. But there needs to be some good old fashioned leadership when shit isn't going well. I don't know if there's a guy in the locker room with the cache or pull that Keith Hernandez had once upon a time. But if David Wright could pull a move like this, one of the 25 men in Flushing should be able to as well.

I understand this all seems very WFAN caller-y if not straight out of an old Mike Francesa rant. But I can't fucking take this RISP nightmare anymore. There is also a very good chance that the Mets bats finally wake up now that they are in that joke of a ballpark called Citizens Bank. But I need the bully card to be in their back pocket and lunches to potentially be thrown in garbages in case things to straighten up soon because this pitching is too goddamn good to be taking L's like this during the season. Or I can just open an ice cold Coors Light with the bluest mountains in the world and chill the fuck out because Uncle Stevie said so.

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