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Science Says, "Asking Questions Relieves Stress" So We Can All Be As Nosy As We Want

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When we can’t immediately gratify our desire to know, we become highly motivated to reach a concrete explanation. That motivation, in Kagan’s conception, lies at the heart of most other common motives: achievement, affiliation, power, and the like. We want to eliminate the distress of the unknown. We want, in other words, to achieve “cognitive closure.”

This random article told me that, good enough! We can all start badgering people with questions as much as we want, and if people get annoyed, you say "I want to eliminate the distress of the unknown." I couldn't have said it better myself.

Truly, how do people function in society without knowing every single detail about everything? I ask questions out the ASS. How was your day? How do you feel? Any big plans tonight? Did you talk to so-in-so? What are you getting for dinner? Oh, I thought you didn't like that…why'd you order that? Well, you suddenly like it? When did you try it again? When did you go out to dinner? Where did you go? Who else was there? Why didn't you tell me? Are you hiding something? What else are you hiding? You know, that kind of stuff. 

This week on BWGH's Q Episode we also get into quitting, what its like to quit a job or a sport or a hobby. It mostly feels great. Queens, ranging from Elizabeth to Beyonce, and of course more Questions, where we break down WHY it is we ask so many questions, while asking a bunch of our own. 

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