The Woman Behind Some Of The Best Musicians Of All Time

Doesn't take long to figure that what women are significantly underrepresented in the music industry. 

But this isn’t because women aren't interested in music either. The male to female student ratio in music academics is actually about 50:50. The high representation of female enrolled students doesn’t translate to the music industry workforce, particularly in leadership roles. But one woman is working on changing that to bring much-needed change to the outdated, male-dominated field. 

You may not have heard about her, but you’ve definitely heard of the musicians she’s worked with. Emily Lazar is the master engineer behind music's biggest names including The Killers, David Bowie, The Beatles, the Foo Fighters, Sia, Dolly Parton, Madonna...just to name a FEW. 

On this episode of Token CEO, Erika talks with the award-winning sound engineer to learn more about her story, how she went from a singer, songwriter, and performer to working in the studio and becoming one of the industry’s most prominent master engineers. 

Listen here: