Wisconsin Whitewater's Quinn Meinerz Would "Love To Snap To Big Ben"

Quinn "The Gut" Meinerz is looking to be the "darling" of the 2021 NFL Draft this weekend.

The dude has gone from DIII Wisconsin Whitewater to dominating January's Senior Bowl to now awaiting his future early in the NFL Draft. We had him on this week's Going Deep to talk about playing division three football, his upbringing as a Packers fan, and what he expects heading into the big time. 

He is a highly coveted prospect, and one that has definitely been attached to the Pittsburgh Steelers who are heading into the weekend needing some big time help on the offensive line. Left tackle is gone. Center retired. Little depth. So I had to ask about whether he's had any connection with the Steelers throughout the draft process. 

"I did meet with the Steelers at the Senior Bowl, and the offensive line coach was actually at my pro day in Whitewater, Wisconin and ran me through a couple of drills," Meinerz said. "I definitely see the reports and the rumors that the Pittsburgh Steelers are really interested (in me). I know they have a need for Center and I'd love to snap for Big Ben, man."

Please football gods let this happen. 

If somehow, someway the Steelers can either A. snag Najee Harris at 24 then come back at 55 (or sooner) and get Quinn to be that mauling center for the next 10+ years then I'd be on cloud 9 all the way to Week 1. Now, the big problem becomes will he even be there after round 1, and if he is will he last another 30+ picks to fall all the way to 55. It's a huge "if". Right now Lance Zierlein has him projected into round 2, so it'd be in that arena. But 55? Seems like a center prospect like this would be too hard to pass up for a lot of teams that many times. 

If he does, though, a layout like this for the Steelers this weekend would definitely make me and a ton of other fans of the black & gold overjoyed.