This One's For All Our Media Nerds Out There

Today Erika is joined by Aryeh Bourkoff, Chairman and CEO of LionTree and Kindred Media. The two talk how to be successful in media, growing your brand, how the pandemic has changed the landscape of media, business, finance, and technology, and much more.

"When I say the word media, people used to think about like 8:00 television for half an hour sitcoms. Now media is everything. I mean, if you have a business or you're an individual and you have expression and you have an idea or you're a brand, not just personally, but a company that has a product, and you don't have a media strategy around it, no one is going to watch it, and no one's going to see it. And it's not going to have the benefit of scale. Because the thing about media is we can sit here and we can talk to each other and a lot of people can listen and allow people to view it. Media can work all the time."

Listen or watch the episode here: