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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man That Is Ready To Become A Father?

General Smitty has a new addition heading to his army, so we ask him The Podfathers 10, which are a batch of questions we ask to all the future parents of Barstool to gauge how ready he is for the warzone that is parenthood. Everything from going below The Wall in the delivery room to sleeping in the hospital to just how tough it's going to be going from a guy that plays video games at home all day and night to a guy that plays video games at home all day and night...with a baby (please don't come at me if you are reading this Clickbait Smits. I'm just having fun with our pal Smitty and I want no part of your savage rebuttals).

The one thing we do know is that Smitty is happily welcoming one big surprise to go along with the entire unknown of becoming a dad.

Also on the podcast: 

- Large recaps his trip back from Cali complete with an on brand bump to first class 

- We rebuke a dad that named his kid Department Of Statistical Communication 

- KFC captures an incredible parenting moment on camera 

- The brainstorming of Barstool's newest franchise: Adulting 101 With The Podfathers 

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