Who's The Biggest Celebrity Guest Barstool Sports Has Ever Had?

In comes Kelly Martin.

Before Kelly, talent booking for Barstool's podcasts and shows was done all through our own personalities here. Big Cat was the BEST at DMing people until they had no choice but to come on his show, but that left the rest of our personalities to figure it out on their own. Enter, Kelly. She is now Barstool's SVP & Head of Talent Relations & Communications, and she came highly highly recommended - and it shows.

Kelly made us get our shit together. She came in with her weird organizational binders and she laid down the law when it came to booking talent for shows. And we love her for it. Because of Kelly, we've locked in names like Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Fallon, Matthew McConaughey, ARod & JLO (ouch), and so many more.

Kelly has taken our brands to a totally new level, and in today's episode she talks about how she's completely built a talent booking department from scratch, what it's like working with all the Barstool HQ personalities, traits that have made her so successful and unfuckwithable in her career, how she goes about locking in such big celebrity names, and much more. Kelly has brought in some great guests to HQ and she really does help all the podcasts under the Barstool roof succeed.

Listen to the episode here: 

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