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Did Jacob deGrom Sell His Soul To The Devil To Become The Best Pitcher In Baseball In Exchange For His Hair And Any Shred Of Support From His Teammates? Barstool Investigates:

After the Mets came up short in a Jacob deGrom start for roughly the zillionth time on Sunday, I noticed a trend in the requisite bukakke of tweets that remind everybody just how little his teammates have helped him out in recent years.

It appears that 2018 is when shit proverbially hit the fan for Jacob deGrom in terms of run support and/or bullpen help. It also happened to be his first truly dominant season as well as the first season after he did this.

Now I am firmly a believer in sports juju, infinitely more so in baseball than any other sport. Fuck all that nerdy sabermetrics bullshit that gave us the shift and countless A's playoff losses to the Yankees. America's pastime runs on mojo, good vibes, and guys that only became stars after they learned how to properly breathe through their eyelids.

Which is why I firmly believe that when Jacob deGrom cut his hair, he unleashed some sort of dark magic in his right arm that turned him into the best pitcher in the universe while also ensuring he would get fucked out of dozens of wins. He's like the bizzaro Samson. One year of dominance with no support is just baseball, Suzyn. Two years is an aberration. Three is the Mets being the Mets. But we are now up to FOUR seasons of Jacob deGrom getting absolutely sabotaged by the other 24 men on his roster as he goes against the 25 guys in the opposing dugout, which is some real deal curse of the monkey paw shit. 


When you think about it, it's almost a miracle that Jake has a 25-19 record considering it's been essentially 1 vs. 49 for years now. But that's how deals with the devil works. You get what you want at a steep price and it never comes without a hook. At least that's what Elizabeth Hurley taught me in Bedazzled.

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