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Apparently Billy Horschel Doesn't Like When We Call Him A "Psychopath"

So today we had the one and only Pat Perez on for the whole show and he was fantastic as usual. Basically what we did was just lob him every major headline in golf and let him react to it. He was deep into a bottle of red and he let it fly. One of the things we discussed was us calling Billy Horschel a psychopath and how apparently Billy does not like that. Pat ran into him at the RBC Heritage and Billy said he doesn't appreciate it. Which I understand I'd be upset if someone called me a psychopath, but Billy Horschel is a psychopath. I'm just calling it like I see it. I've seen enough videos of Billy Horschel on the golf course to diagnose him as a full fledged psychopath. So while I understand Billy doesn't appreciate it, it happens to be the truth (allegedly, as I am not a doctor). 

Pat also talked about Hideki winning the Masters and how much that that means for golf, Si Woo Kim borrowing his putter, Rory chasing Bryson, what he thinks the future looks like for Tiger and much more. Enjoy.



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