Pete Davidson Confirms That Once Again He Is Dating His Celebrity Crush

Clap it up for Pete Davidson who once again sealed the deal with his celebrity crush. This guy just can't miss. He gets his sights set on someone and then boom he's dating them. This time people strongly believe it's Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor.

Good for Pete. Good for Phoebe. Pete just has the charisma. People can shit on him all they want but there is no denying that Pete is obviously smooth with the ladies. He's also on record saying many times before that he's a hopeless romantic and he even finally moved out of his mom's basement which means this could be getting serious. I'm hoping to see some candid pics of these two soon but I'm trying not to be too greedy.

Here's to hoping this is the one for Pete. If not he'll probably just go on to date his next celebrity crush.

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