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Barstool Sports Knows All About Being In The Mud

Today’s episode is all about being in the mud on the internet.

And today's  episode is specifically about women who've found themselves in the mud. A lot of women think just because they’re a woman and “girl power” and sticking together, and shit, that they are above being criticized. Nope. Today we’ve got our very own Trysta Krick, who knows all about being in the mud. Erika & Trysta go over recent women who have gotten criticized on the internet and whether or not its deserving. Let's name a few.

Rachel Hollis - definitely in the mud: 

She is a self proclaimed self-help “guru” and NYT best selling author, and she was under fire last week for a slew of social media posts, misfired apologies, and privilege. It all started when she went on IG Live and mentioned several times that she has a cleaning lady who comes over and “cleans her toilets.” People called her out for bragging and talking so lowly of her cleaning lady, repeating things like “I’ve worked hard so that I can have people who clean my  toilets.” Rachel responded with a now deleted video offering zero apologies, stating that she doesn’t want to be relatable to the average person because unlike others she has worked hard for her success (even though her whole brand is built on being ‘relatable’). She went on in the caption to compare herself to other women like Harriet Tubman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Oprah, who are arguably some of women empowerment’s greatest trail blazers...Not great.

Colleen Quigley - NOT in the mud:

This one seems easy. Last week, an Olympian and past podcast guest, Colleen, tweeted this:

And what came after this was an absolute attack on Colleen from the Barstool haters. Got shit on by Barstool haters left and right with the typical slant that we suck, we’re misogynistic, racist, etc. People saying “you can’t support women if you support Erika Nardini!” We love Colleen and she didn’t delete the tweet or apologize.

ADIA BARNES - Not in the mud:

When the 3-seed Arizona Wildcats pulled out an upset 69-59 victory over UConn to go to the title game, Head Coach Adia Barnes was caught by ESPN cameras throwing up two middle fingers and dropping an F-bomb mouthing something like “fuck everyone who didn’t believe in us.” 

When questioned about it in a press conference, Barnes said “I don’t feel like I need to apologize. It’s what I felt with my team at the moment, and I wouldn’t take it back. We’ve gone to war together, we look around the room - and we look around the circle, we believe in each other. So, I’m in those moments and that’s how I am, so I don’t apologize for doing that, but I’m just me and I just have to be me.” People are mad saying that she should be a better example and people don’t want their children to watch someone so vulgar on TV. We say fuck that. Team Adia.

We cover more like Digit Murphy on handling NWHL drama and Kim Mulkey's run in with some questionable covid comments. Get the full episode here: