The Mind Games Augusta National Plays If You Make A Hole-In-One There Are Sick And Twisted (And Awesome)

So last week we did a Behind The Greens episode of the podcast where we had listeners call in and tell their favorite Masters stories. We had guys on talking about how they snuck onto Augusta in the middle of the night and walked around in their bare feet, we had guys talking about how they smelled Tiger at the Masters or how they've gone to the Masters 50+ times. Lots of good stories. Inevitably with a show like that a few listeners get left on the cutting room floor or don't end up calling in at all. So then during our Masters recap Riggs brought up two separate emails from listeners who made hole-in-ones at Augusta National and what happened next was CRAZY.

Here's what happens if you make a hole-in-one at Augusta National

WHAT!!!!!!! I was legitimately speechless there. I was without speech. That is some SERIOUSLY sick and twisted shit. Augusta being like, "Yeah give us those pictures and we'll get them framed up real nice" and then they send you a painting of your picture that you have to pay $50,000 for. WHAT!!!!!!! And if that's not crazy enough, if you decide to pay the $50,000 they then reward you by allowing you to become a member because you clearly care because you offered to pay $50,000 for a painting of a picture YOU TOOK. Incredible. And you know what the most fucked up part is? We all think it's AWESOME. All the response we got to that story were people being like, "This is so awesome" and "The legend of Augusta grow" and I 10000000% agree. This entire thing makes Augusta National that much cooler and more mysterious. What a bunch of sick fucks they got over there.



Also be sure to set your reminders for our video with Harry Higgs tonight. What a gem he is.