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Extremely Dramatic Man Severely Overreacts Because He "Could Not Date Himself"

I know. Can you believe it? Kind of relatable, right? Imagine you're walking along in the woods, waltzing by a pool of water. Your whole life you've had trouble finding "the one" - no one seems to be good enough. You know you're hot, what gives? You walk up to the pool, looking inside. What's this? Who is that GORGEOUS person looking back at you? Your reflection. You've never seen anything better. You're in love. You can't leave the side of this pool, for fear that you will never be with your true love again. You slowly wither away, starving, unable to move. You eventually kill yourself, knowing you'll never be happy without Yourself by your side 24/7. What a sad, sad life.

Unfortunately, this exact chain of events happened to our boy, Narcissus. Rest in peace, my man. Nothing like a little Greek Mythology narcissism origin story to get you going on this fine Thursday. On this week's N episode of BWGH, we discuss Narcissism, Nudes and Nightmares. Are you a narcissist? Have you ever sent nudes? Have you been threatened with your own nudes? What about nightmares, have you ever experienced cement feet when trying to run away from the bad guys? We get into all this and more, alongside listener voicemails and of course, the Table Read.

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