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How many of the Avengers are circumsised?

Clem and I got to talking again on this week's episode of Podfathers and I brought up a story I read where some guy assumed comic book characters Wolverine and Deadpool are both uncircumcised because both have a healing factor as part of their superpowers.

Giphy Images.

Wolverine seemed like a no-brainer, especially since, according to X-Men lore, he has had the power to heal since birth… So any slice to even Logan's infant penis would've simply grown back.

Giphy Images.

(^ Wolverine's infant penis ^)

Deadpool is a little more of an X-Factor (get it?) because, according to his movies, he was granted the power to heal and regenerate body parts later in life, so maybe his previously cut penis would stay trimmed.

Even though neither Wolverine nor Deadpool is an Avenger, Clem is such a fucking fan of that franchise he immediately took the conversation towards Endgame characters, and it raised a host of other questions:  

I said Hulk definitely has a brutish hood on his giant green dick but, then again, maybe Hulk's muscular log is simply an exaggerated version of Bruce Banner's snipped member?

Giphy Images.

Are there mohels on Asgard?

Giphy Images.

Is Tony Stark Jewish?

Giphy Images.


And a shitload more.

So decided for yourself which Marvel character has had a little taken off the top, and listen to this week's episode of Podfathers if you get the chance.

Take a report.


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