UMass Coach Greg Carvel Thanked The Boys During The Last TV Timeout Before They Won The Natty

Thanks to a longtime loyal listener, we were able to land UMass Head Coach Greg Carvel fresh off the school's first ever National Championship for this week's Spittin' Chiclets. Coach was very incisive and honest talking his thought process and why he makes the decisions that he does. 

The answer above is a perfect example. I was curious about when exactly a coach lets himself recognize what's at hand and he let us know exactly what was what. No clichés or stock answers. Just in the 25-30 minutes we talked to him, you can get a pretty good sense of why players love to play for him. No nonsense, no bullshit, and no doubt about where he stands.

We also had 10-year NHL veteran Dale Weise on to discuss his career stops and why he had his best success in Montreal. Weiser's a funny dude and we had some laughs with him.

We also broke down the many NHL deadline trades, The Masters, and my legendary college bedroom bar up at STATE.