Kirk Minihane Comes On Token CEO And Immediately Puts A Barstool Employee In The Hot Seat

Whenever Kirk Minihane comes on the podcast, he always ends up stirring shit up. Kirk came onto today's Token CEO to talk about the making of his new podcast, The Case, but after him & Erika caught up & talked about the show, they got into some contract talk about Barstool's own, Jared Carrabis.

It somehow came up as a joke that Kirk is going to take up handling Jared's contract. Well...turns out that there was actually a lot to talk about. 

Kirk: Yea I am going to be handling Jared Carrabis's contract.

Erika: Oh really? What do you have on there?

Kirk: I'm ready to make the offer right now. Three years. OK. $35,000 a year. I think that's about it. 

More into their roasting of Jared, the two brought up some points saying "Jared made a lot of promises he hasn't kept" and how Erika would like to see Jared back in the office to grow his podcast more. What's hard for people here is when you say "I'm going to stay connected to the mothership" and you don't stay connected to the mothership, that makes it tough. You end up just not being a huge cast character anymore.

Erika: Jared made a bunch of promises that Jared didn't necessarily keep which is the issue. He says, "I'm going to be in New York every week, or every other week. I'm going to be there all the time." That's not happening. Not to my knowledge.

Erika & Kirk got into the nitty-gritty of it on today's episode and land on what's next for him & Jared. Kirk always stirs the pot and today's episode appearance was no exception. Listen to the full episode here: