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What Is Your Personal Hell?

On this week's episode of Macrodosing, we discuss everything about Hell. What exactly is it? Why do we have the images of it that we do? Has it even started burning yet? We get into all of it.

But everybody has their own versions of what Hell could be. For PFT, it's a neighbor playing Friends on a loop just loud enough that the laugh track precludes him from sleeping for eternity. My version is the independent fundamental baptist church camp I went to in 2007 that didn't allow boys to wear shorts in South Georgia in July. I'm pretty sure Billy's is just not being able to work out.

But for the real discussion of the biblical Hell, we had Uncle Chaps on this week to bring his wealth of knowledge from his time spent in seminary to the discussion. He brought a ton of interesting stories and arguments about Hell that we definitely would not have had otherwise and he makes this episode truly elite.

We also talk all about Dante's Inferno and we put modern-day people into the different circles of Hell just like Dante did to his contemporaries in his poem — putting Jeremy Pruitt into one was my favorite thing I've done on this podcast so far — and discuss how he and theologians like Johnathan Edwards in the 17th Century shaped much of what our modern version of Hell looks like.

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