Dominik Hašek Used To Drag Hungover Teammates To Sweltering Baseball Games Then Buy Mini Bats And Helmet Ice Cream

Recently retired Detroit Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard joined us on this week's episode to talk about his career and some of the characters he played with. Dominik Hašek just might have been the biggest one.

We never know what we're gonna hear when we're doing an interview on Spittin' Chiclets. That includes perhaps the greatest goalie ever being a huge baseball fan who would make hungover teammates go to the game with him in the searing Texas heat. And once at the game, the Dominator was like a 10-year-old at Fenway. Mini bats. Ice cream in the helmet. The whole nine yards. I can't imagine anything worse than being wounded after tying one on then having to sit through a Texas Rangers game in the stifling Arlington heat. At least Howie had some entertainment with him.

Caleb Pressley joined us as well for a little crossover action and we discussed his latest adventure, 51 Strokes. 

We also talked about the Tim Peel hot mic, the Eric Staal trade, the NCAAs, and finished with some movie talk. It's a fun ep so give it a whirl.